Chambrelan Launches New Aluminium Linear Rail

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With the latest Linear Rail design soon to be released onto the international market by Chambrelan, we thought we’d take the opportunity to highlight some of the D52’s most important features in this month’s issue.

The new D52, a radically new approach to our linear rail range, is closely related to our most popular rail, the E53, which is designed to service medium to light duty applications. The D52 aluminium rail is anodised for strength and protection and has been designed for applications where lighter duty linear rail is required.

With two carriers to choose from, the BP52 (Bearing Plastic) and BS52 (Bearing Steel), both have been designed to use a self contained roller system which is new to Chambrelan’s current portfolio of carriers and since they no employ a different bearing construction the movement is smoother and quieter than our current ball-bearing carriers. Unlike the E53, which uses the G57 and the G53 carrier, both new carriers are removable from their rails and will be available to purchase separately, meaning they are now easier to handle, easier to fit and easier to replace.

The new carriers have also been designed to work in conjunction with the E53, the D53 and ST53 linear rails, giving customers more choice over which rail to select.

For further information on the these or on any of our heavy duty slides and sliding systems please visit or alternatively contact Tony Macis on 07868 971 089.

For all Australian Enquiries please contact Bruce Elliott from Integrated on +61 (0) 353 673 513 or visit

Chambrelan Product Review: Do It With Stainless Steel

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The Stainless steel market is growing faster than ever across the Group and therefore we thought we’d share with you some of our bestsellers in our stainless slides, currently favoured by vehicle builders, boat builders and manufactures, to name only a few:

E1018: This is our strongest three-beam reinforced stainless steel slide, designed to deliver extension and extreme load capacity. Weighing in at 22.5kg per slide, the E1018 is capable of carrying 900kg per pair at 1100mm closed length.

ST708: This is a medium to high end stainless steel heavy duty slide and suits those who need a stronger than average load requirement. The ST708 is one of our most popular heavy duty slides and is capable 100% extension with the ability of carrying 225kg per pair at 1100mm closed length.

ST58: The ST58 is a two beam nested slide capable of partial extension in the closed length. Positioned at the lighter end of our stainless steel range, the ST58 is capable of delivering 100kg per pair in the closed length position. Where applications require partial extension and hostile environments are the norm, this slide is a great performer.

All our stainless steel slides are produced to the highest standards and best suited for high temp applications, offshore and on-board applications and food preparation applications.

For further information on the these or on any of our heavy duty slides and sliding systems please visit or alternatively contact Jeremy Binnington on 07868 971 089 or Tony Macis on 07868 971 089.

Case Study: B & H Catering Trailers

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Carl Bland has been designing and building catering trailers for over ten years and in that time has made a name for creating quality special purpose catering units.

Each unit is lovingly designed by Carl and his team to the very best standard, whilst providing a catering space capable of delivering a range of food products, including specially made burger trailers and fish and chip catering units.












First and foremost Carl needed a pair of heavy duty slides that would be able to slide out the serving counter on his trailers and chose Chambrelan’s R71 at 500mm. The R71 is a two beam heavy duty reinforced steel slide that offers partial extension and has been designed to specifically resist bucking and twisting, which can result from choosing poor quality slides or those underspecified for the job. These slides have been designed to extreme heavy loads and are ideal for vehicle applications, including high temperature environments, which again, can often damage poorly manufactured slides.

Chambrelan have made our job a lot easier.“.” Carl Bland, Managing Director B & H Catering Trailers.