New D53 Aluminium Slide Launched

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The latest product development announced by Chambrelan has just been released. The D53 aluminium slide is the latest aluminium slide to add to our range of heavy duty slides and linear rails.

D53The new D53 is the final drawer slide in a triad of slides that use the same profile. The stainless steel version is the ST58; the Carbon steel version is the R53 and now finally the aluminium version, the D53, which completes the range.

The D53 is a two-beam slide capable of 60kg per pair at 600mm and is available in a number of different options, including a lock in lock out version as well as being made bi-directionally (DD Option). As we have noted bi directional slides benefit from a sequential movement. Allowing the inner beam to extend in order before being returned to the closed position. Not only does this mean that load ratings are maintained in both directions, but having a sequential movement improves the work life cycle of the slide.

For static applications the D53 comes with a lock in lock out option, allowing the slide to be held in the closed or open position, which makes it an ideal drawer slider for light to medium applications. The D53 is a compact slide making it a first choice for applications where space is at a premium and being that it’s much lighter than its steel, or stainless steel counterparts is an ideal choice where weight is a key consideration.

Finished in anodised anti corrosive, the D53 aluminium slide not only is durable, it also looks good, making it an excellent choice for special purpose machine building, machine guarding and light to medium duty drawers.

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