New D53 Aluminium Slide Launched

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The latest product development announced by Chambrelan has just been released. The D53 aluminium slide is the latest aluminium slide to add to our range of heavy duty slides and linear rails.

D53The new D53 is the final drawer slide in a triad of slides that use the same profile. The stainless steel version is the ST58; the Carbon steel version is the R53 and now finally the aluminium version, the D53, which completes the range.

The D53 is a two-beam slide capable of 60kg per pair at 600mm and is available in a number of different options, including a lock in lock out version as well as being made bi-directionally (DD Option). As we have noted bi directional slides benefit from a sequential movement. Allowing the inner beam to extend in order before being returned to the closed position. Not only does this mean that load ratings are maintained in both directions, but having a sequential movement improves the work life cycle of the slide.

For static applications the D53 comes with a lock in lock out option, allowing the slide to be held in the closed or open position, which makes it an ideal drawer slider for light to medium applications. The D53 is a compact slide making it a first choice for applications where space is at a premium and being that it’s much lighter than its steel, or stainless steel counterparts is an ideal choice where weight is a key consideration.

Finished in anodised anti corrosive, the D53 aluminium slide not only is durable, it also looks good, making it an excellent choice for special purpose machine building, machine guarding and light to medium duty drawers.

For any enquiries contact either our website or call us directly: or +33 (0)2 35 24 62 80.

Product Review: RA7R Heavy Duty Slides

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Chambrelan_D5With a load capacity of up to 350kg per pair and protected by a tough white zinc plate the RA7R is one of the best performers of Chambrelan’s range of heavy duty slides.

Favoured by vehicle builders the RA7R is a three beam heavy duty steel slide employing the use of precision steel ball-bearings which not only makes for a smoother performance, but also adds structural support by spreading the mass of supported loads.

Some years ago Chambrelan upgraded the designs of their heavy duty slide range with the unique inclusion of reinforced bearings that guard against and offer greater resistance to lateral or side loadings.  This upgrade uniquely enables our telescopic slides to be used in both the major or minor axis when the slide beams are compressed against each other by the applied load.

Further upgrades to the RA7R heavy duty slide include the option of sequential movement, which cleverly coordinates the travel of each beam in turn, extending and retracting the slide beams in a set sequence, meaning a reduction in operating forces especially noticeable when the slides are carrying extreme loads.  These sequential heavy duty slides are ideal for manufacturing lines, battery storage boxes and industrial generators that need access for maintenance and repairs.

As one of Chambrelan’s most popular heavy duty slides Chambrelan UK have ensured there is ample stock available for UK and Australian customers.

For more information on our range of heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems, visit either or call 01746 783 972.

Chambrelan: Transforming Telescopic Slides

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Linear-rails-chambrelanTake Chambrelan’s largest stainless steel linear rail, the ST50, for example.  Capable of sporting two carriers, the GS52 and the GS54; by itself, it is an impressive linear rail capable of carrying 180kgs and 240kgs on the major axis respectively.

Then there’s Chambrelan’s stainless steel linear rail, the ST53, one of our most popular rails for medium to heavy loads, capable of 170kg in the major with our GS53 carrier and 110kg with our GS57 carrier.

Both are great products, but here’s the clever bit, the body of the ST50 doubles as the outer beam for the ST508 heavy duty slide, whilst the ST53’s body doubles as its intermediate beam, creating an entirely new product, the ST508 heavy duty slide.

By coupling our design expertise with our manufacturing abilities Chambrelan maximises its resources, improving lead times and cost, whilst being able to offer a greater selection of products to customers.

With an extensive range of both heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems Chambrelan are better placed than other suppliers to offer a full range of products and since we manufacturer all our products we can respond to orders much faster.

For further information on the these or on any of our heavy duty slides and sliding systems please visit or alternatively contact on 07868 971 089.

Product review: Slam Lock Draw Fronts

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DHMore and more customers are enquiring about Chambrelan’s Slam Lock Draw Front, the sales of which have been growing since we launched the slam lock over a year ago.
The latest option, which boasts a quick lock instant release mechanism with both a lock in and lock out option, is now being used across vehicle builders in the commercial sector and the emergency services.

Made from high strength, Grade ‘A’ plastics for better endurance and performance, the LILO slam lock has been designed to take the punishment dished out on a daily basis by front line fire crews, engineers and those working with defence applications. Because of this the slam lock is incredibly robust with fewer working parts that can’t jam or snarl up due to regular use. The Slam lock uses a stainless steel bar and stainless steel fasteners for added strength when locked in place and an black polyamid handle.

Available on stock, these easy to fit easy to maintain handles are currently being used by national and international vehicle builders and manufacturers.

Slam locks handles are available in different options accordng to required use:

  • Single Handle: to allow easy and comfortable handling of the sliding device;
  • Slam lock handle: the drawer is locked in the folded position and you have to press the center red button to allow its extension;
  • Slam lock handle open and closed: the drawer is locked in the folded position and you have to press the center red button to extend the drawer; once extended, it locks up and must again press the center button to close the tray (that will lock automatically at the end of the race);
  • Slam lock handle lock for double extension drawer: the drawer is locked in the center position and each side of the drawer has a handle with release button. By pressing the center red button, you can extend the drawer on one side or the other;
  • Indexing slam lock handle: the drawer will be opened step by step according to the defined positions.


For further information on these or any of our slides please visit or alternatively contact Jeremy Binnington on 07868 971 089 or Tony Macis on 07868 971 089.

Chambrelan Launches New Aluminium Linear Rail

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With the latest Linear Rail design soon to be released onto the international market by Chambrelan, we thought we’d take the opportunity to highlight some of the D52’s most important features in this month’s issue.

The new D52, a radically new approach to our linear rail range, is closely related to our most popular rail, the E53, which is designed to service medium to light duty applications. The D52 aluminium rail is anodised for strength and protection and has been designed for applications where lighter duty linear rail is required.

With two carriers to choose from, the BP52 (Bearing Plastic) and BS52 (Bearing Steel), both have been designed to use a self contained roller system which is new to Chambrelan’s current portfolio of carriers and since they no employ a different bearing construction the movement is smoother and quieter than our current ball-bearing carriers. Unlike the E53, which uses the G57 and the G53 carrier, both new carriers are removable from their rails and will be available to purchase separately, meaning they are now easier to handle, easier to fit and easier to replace.

The new carriers have also been designed to work in conjunction with the E53, the D53 and ST53 linear rails, giving customers more choice over which rail to select.

For further information on the these or on any of our heavy duty slides and sliding systems please visit or alternatively contact Tony Macis on 07868 971 089.

For all Australian Enquiries please contact Bruce Elliott from Integrated on +61 (0) 353 673 513 or visit

Reinforced Ball Cage For Extra Strength

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You may have noticed that some of our heavy duty slides have a ‘R’ attached to the product name. For example, RA7R and the RA5R. The ‘R’ denotes that these slides are ‘Reinforced’, but what makes them extra strong? And how does that benefit customers?

Whether it’s stainless steel or steel, whether the slides are zinc plated or ionised for extra strength, choosing our reinforced slides not only means an increase of load capacity, but also due to their construction, these slides are less likely to buck and twist during heavy use.

They key is our unique ball cages, which ‘carries’ the slide on the vertical and horizontal plane, cushioning the load on two rows of additional ball-bearings. This means an even spread of weight a long the slide and allows a smoother and more regular movement even when carrying extreme loads.


For more information on our range of heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems, visit either or call 01746 783 972