Product Review: RA7R Heavy Duty Slides

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Chambrelan_D5With a load capacity of up to 350kg per pair and protected by a tough white zinc plate the RA7R is one of the best performers of Chambrelan’s range of heavy duty slides.

Favoured by vehicle builders the RA7R is a three beam heavy duty steel slide employing the use of precision steel ball-bearings which not only makes for a smoother performance, but also adds structural support by spreading the mass of supported loads.

Some years ago Chambrelan upgraded the designs of their heavy duty slide range with the unique inclusion of reinforced bearings that guard against and offer greater resistance to lateral or side loadings.  This upgrade uniquely enables our telescopic slides to be used in both the major or minor axis when the slide beams are compressed against each other by the applied load.

Further upgrades to the RA7R heavy duty slide include the option of sequential movement, which cleverly coordinates the travel of each beam in turn, extending and retracting the slide beams in a set sequence, meaning a reduction in operating forces especially noticeable when the slides are carrying extreme loads.  These sequential heavy duty slides are ideal for manufacturing lines, battery storage boxes and industrial generators that need access for maintenance and repairs.

As one of Chambrelan’s most popular heavy duty slides Chambrelan UK have ensured there is ample stock available for UK and Australian customers.

For more information on our range of heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems, visit either or call 01746 783 972.